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KCFC Membership Investment Contract

Kensington Community Food Co-op (KCFC) Membership: A “member” is a person who has monetarily invested in the KCFC. A "member" is considered to be the primary contact within the “household”. Anyone living at that address is within that household.

Dollar Amount and Payment Options:
Potential members are encouraged to invest as their means allow. The membership investment is set at $200 for a one-time investment per household (only subject to change by majority vote of the membership). This $200 investment can be paid with a single payment or may be paid on through an installment plan.

Any member wishing to pay through installments may choose from the following installment plans:
* $40 per month for a 5 month period
* $20 per month for a 10 month period
* $10 per month for a 20 month period

Limit to Member Investment: Any total capital contribution you make to KCFC beyond the member investment amount will not be considered member investment, but will be handled as a gift donation. Donations are happily and graciously accepted.

Refunds: If a member requests a refund while KCFC is active, then the full member investment will be returned to the member only if the KCFC store has been operational for one year and only if replacement capital is available at the time of request without jeopardizing the sustained operation of the business. If KCFC is no longer viable either before store opening or anytime after, then a refund of member investments is not guaranteed. Donations are considered gifts and will not be returned.

Transfer of Membership: Memberships are non-transferable Contact us if needed at or 215-423-1476. Please note that because we are a member-owned cooperative (501(c)(12) and not a 501(c)3, membership investments, dues, and gifts of membership are not considered tax-deductible charitable donations.

Submission of a payment indicates you agree to the terms of the Membership Investment Contract described above.